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About me

My Story

I have been working as a Counselor since 2005 and have experience with a variety of different ages and life situations.  I initially became interested in counseling as a way of living my faith and values by helping others and serving the community. 


Since I started in this field, I have enjoyed working with a tremendous number of amazing people and I find it truly rewarding to be part of the process as people transform their lives and families.

Why Cobalt?
In color psychology, the color blue evokes feelings of peace, tranquility, order, and security.  Blue is also associated with stability and reliability. 

Also, Cobalt is an essential trace element that almost every living thing requires for health. Deficiencies in cobalt can cause major health problems as well as a variety of severe and disruptive mental health concerns. 

We chose the name Cobalt to illustrate our belief that wellness is a concept that deals with every aspect of our lives and not just our physical health. Emotional, spiritual, and social health are also essential if we want to live effective and meaningful lives.
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